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The Bluejacket 24 LIZ was the prototype for the Bluejacket series

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The Bluejacket 24 LIZ was the prototype for the Bluejacket series and continues to give the great performance built into her after 12 seasons of use. While fuel economy was a major goal when LIZ was designed, it has become of much greater importance due to the great increase in fuel prices that have occurred since the 1990’s. Bluejacket 24’s have been launched in other areas of the USA as well as Australia and all perform up to the original expectations of designer and builders. All Bluejackets provide their owners a high level of cruising comfort, economy of operation and satisfaction of ownership.

Building plans:

Building plans are contained in a loose leaf notebook and consist of the following list of material.

1. Text describing all major aspects of the building process.
2. List of specifications
3. List of material & sources
4. Weight data and weighing methods
5. A copy of an article appearing in Boatbuilder magazine describing the background and design, plus other notes on performance, etc.
6. List of itemized building expenses.
7. List of plans buyers
8. Joint tape and sheathing schedule.
9. 38 sketches showing details of the construction and electrical wiring diagrams.
10. Profile and plan views
11 Dimensioned profile and plan views.
12. Dimensioned layout of the hull panels.
13. A compact disc containing over 200 photographs of the construction and of the . completed boat, plus some short movies of the boat underway at various speeds.


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