Bluejacket 271

The Bluejacket 271 utilizes the same basic hull as the BJ27 with the pilothouse extended aft and built to match the pilothouse of the BJ 25.5.  This allows both cockpit and pilothouse to share equally the extra 36” length of the BJ27 over the BJ24.

The weight of the completed hull will increase by about 100 lbs over the BJ24 for the BJ27 and about 250 lbs for the BJ271 .  The load carrying capacity will increase by approximately 480 lbs.  If a larger, heavier than recommended outboard is used these numbers will change.

The waterplane (footprint) of all Bluejackets is large compared to the size and weight of the boat, so they are relatively insensitive to added loading.  With a bottom loading, when planing, of between 35 and 40 lbs/sq ft, the BJ 24 planes easily with seven adults aboard and the BJ 27 should handle even more load before performance is affected very much.  I recommend that an engine of 50 to 70 hp be used.  The Yamaha T50 4 stroke has worked out very nicely in “Liz”.  Ideal alternatives would be the 60 hp or 70 hp version of the same or similar engines. I would expect that the newer engines with fuel injection would give even better mileage than the one I use with four carburetors.  Works great but requires a trained technician with electronics to tune it.  Larger engines such as the 75 or 90 hp ones might be fitted but are heavier and, in my opinion, would provide no advantage other than higher top speed. If the boat is to be loaded more than I consider normal, a 90 hp engine may perform better.  I do not recommend an engine higher than 90 hp be used since this is not designed as a speedboat.  In any case the engine should be selected before the transom is built since a larger engine will require a larger space.

Bluejacket 271 specifications

Length over all  = 27’ 3” inches  =  327 inches

Beam  =  96 inches (hull),  98 inches (incl. rubrails)

Beam, waterline (max)  =  78 inches (hull),  80 inches ( incl. splashrail)

Beam, waterline (transom)  =  70 inches (hull),  72 inches (incl. splashrail)

Headroom (over bunks)  =  36 inches

Headroom (forecabin)  =  52 1/2 inches

Headroom (pilothouse)  =  76 inches

Weight, dry w/o engine  =  2100 lb

Positive floatation  =  >1600 lb (foam)

Power  =  60 – 70hp outboard

Displacement, cruising w/engine, fuel, water, 2 crew & stores  =  3100 lb

Freeboard, forward  =  48 inches

Freeboard, aft  =  34 inches

Speed, max  =  24mph

Speed, cruising  =  11 to 17 mph

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