Bluejacket 24

The Bluejacket 24 LIZ was the prototype for the Bluejacket series and continues to give the great performance built into her after 12 seasons of use.   While fuel economy was a major goal when LIZ was designed, it has become of much creater importance due to the great increase in fuel prices that have occured since the 1990’s.  Bluejacket 24’s have been launched in other areas of the USA as well as Australia and all perform up to the original expectations of designer and builders.  All Bluejackets provide their owners a high level of cruising comfort, economy of operation and satisfaction of ownership.

Cruises of periods of up to one month have been taken in LIZ in areas as far from our North Carolina home as Canada.  The ability to trailer the boat to the area of greatest interest makes such cruises much easier to plan and find time for.  The expense of taking the boat to such distance areas is also much reduced.  While we usually tow LIZ behind our campervan, we often use her as our main lodging in campgrounds which means that other family vehicles would work as well.

Bluejacket 24 specifications

Length over all  = 24 ft 3 inches  =  291 inches
Beam  =  96 inches (hull),  98 inches (incl. rubrails)
Beam, waterline (max)  =  78 inches (hull),  80 inches ( incl. splashrail)
Beam, waterline (transom)  =  70 inches (hull),  72 inches (incl. splashrail)
Headroom (over bunks)  =  36 inches
Headroom (forecabin)  =  52 1/2 inches
Headroom (pilothouse)  =  75 inches
Weight, dry w/o engine  =  1850 lb
Positive floatation  =  >1600 lb (foam)
Power  =  50hp outboard
Displacement, cruising w/engine, fuel, water, 2 crew & stores  =  2850 lb
Freeboard, forward  =  48 inches
Freeboard, aft  =  34 inches
Speed, max  =  24mph (50hp)
Speed, cruising  =  11 to 17 mph
Avg fuel use = < 2GPH & 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 MPG



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