Building plans:

Building plans are contained in a loose leaf notebook and consist of the following list of material.

1. Text describing all major aspects of the building process.
2. List of specifications
3. List of material & sources
4. Weight data and weighing methods
5. A copy of an article appearing in Boatbuilder magazine describing the background and design, plus other notes on performance, etc.
6. List of itemized building expenses.
7. List of plans buyers
8. Joint tape and sheathing schedule.
9. 38 sketches showing details of the construction and electrical wiring diagrams.
10. Profile and plan views
11 Dimensioned profile and plan views.
12. Dimensioned layout of the hull panels.
13. A compact disc containing over 200 photographs of the construction and of the . completed boat, plus some short movies of the boat underway at various speeds.

Plans costs 

The price of the plans are (Shipping —- USA $8.00,  Foreign — $25) : 

Bluejacket 24  ——-  $150

Bluejacket 25.5 —–  $175

Bluejacket 27 ——-   $175

Bluejacket 271 —–   $175

Bluejacket 28 ——-   $200

Mail Personal check (in USA only) or bank/postal money order for foreign orders to:

Tom Lathrop
Mildred’s Cove Boatshop
POB 752 (mail)
Oriental, NC 28571

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